Our Values

We believe in a single-minded total-team focus on achieving outstanding results for each of our clients

It is often said in the construction industry that “You’re only as good as your last job.”  It’s an expression that has kept us grounded as our company has gone from strength to strength.  We know that every job counts, regardless of its size or scope, and that our reputation depends on delivering the promised outcomes for each of our clients, on time every time.

Guiding Principles

Achieving results for our clients comes through a commitment to Five Guiding Principles:

Putting Relationships First

We believe that open communication, based on a platform of trust and integrity, removes the confrontation often associated with construction projects.  We have earned our reputation by putting client relationships first and establishing a team environment where everyone shares the same focus on a successful project result.

Clearly Understanding our Client’s Needs

We approach every project without preconception, recognising that every client is unique and has individual needs.  From the outset we encourage a ‘joint team’ approach – involving you, our client, so we understand your business and vision, enabling us to establish and agree a clear design brief incorporating your functional, aesthetic, quality and budget objectives.

Optimising our Client’s Investment

Three decades of design and build experience, combined with the input of our specialist design partners and subcontractors early in the project, ensures that the team’s expertise is incorporated in the design solution at the earliest possible time.  This approach allows questions of logistics, building techniques, value engineering, appropriate quality and waste minimization to be thoroughly investigated and the most effective options chosen.

Reducing our Client’s Risk

We have developed a time proven staged process which allows you to control your level of commitment as key design and budget milestones are met.  Early budget certainty eliminates the traditional risk of committing to an expensive full design and tender procurement process only to find the project blows the budget.  Significantly, our process also results in a considerable saving in design time and cost.

Taking Total Project Accountability (The Single Line of Accountability Model)

As we are the sole contracting party for your full turn key project, from feasibility and concept to handover, all project management, design and construction functions are handled by us removing liability which can often fall back on the client.  We are fully responsible for all aspects of delivering a superior project result.