Indesco School StairsDesign

Indesco approaches the design of every project as an opportunity to transform our client’s vision into a superior project result.

Good, insightful, design is so important to us that we rarely, if ever, handle the construction of a project without having been involved in the design from the outset.   The design has the single biggest influence on project success.  It’s where the value can be built in, or money wasted.  It’s where the overall vision for the project is realised or an opportunity lost forever.

Our highly skilled design teams consist of talented architects, working collaboratively with our engineers and quantity surveyors under the guidance of an experienced project director.  Once he has developed and internalized your design brief, the project director guides the team through a methodical process from concept development to detailed design – refining and delivering an outcome that balances function, form, aesthetics, quality and value.

The design team we select for each project is chosen to achieve the right mix of skills and experience to suit your project.  Most often this team is a combination of our own in-house professionals and carefully selected external specialists.  Crucially, we encourage your team’s involvement throughout the design process to ensure the final result fully reflects your vision and not that of any individual designer.

After establishing an agreed design brief, initial concepts may be presented as very conceptual designs that together with preliminary budgets will serve to show the direction the team is heading and gain your approval before more detailed plans are developed. This gives maximum opportunity for your feedback to be considered and changes made before continuing with detailed design.  Once initial designs are approved, the team will prepare a full design presentation and quote, incorporating CAD drawn floor plans and elevations, specification and perspectives or photorealistic models as required.   Naturally we will confirm that the budget fits within the agreed project parameters before securing resource and building consents. Landscape and fit out plans to complete the project can be developed, questions of environmental sustainability addressed, and building materials agreed upon that suit the brief.

By involving the client team and construction teams early in the design process, rather than an architect working alone, Indesco ensures that the design is not only aesthetically pleasing and functional but is structurally efficient and reflects best practice in efficient construction methodology.  Our process gives maximum opportunity for value creating ideas to be incorporated and our client’s vision to be fulfilled without compromising price certainty.