Design Build Advantages

At Indesco we are committed to the design build method of procurement and have developed our Intelligent Design + Construction system around it.  We believe it offers many advantages for our customers:

  • Reduced risk – single party accountability means that the risk for the client is substantially reduced
  • Early Cost Certainty – price agreed at start, unlike other methods where final cost is not known almost until completion
  • Value Engineering  – the construction team has input into the design, buildability, selection of materials and construction techniques early in the design phase, rather than after the design is completed
  • Time and Cost Savings – one efficient integrated team produces quicker results at a lower overall cost
  • Appropriate Quality – client quality criteria are agreed and managed to reduce under and over-specification
  • Better Balance – the client is a part of the project team deciding outcomes, which results in a far less confrontational process

One of the very first decisions you will need to make is which method of procurement to adopt.  You have two main options:

Option 1 – The Traditional Approach

  • An architect on one side and a contractor on the other
  • Commonly known as design-bid-construction
  • The owner is placed between the architect and contractor
  • The overall project price is not guaranteed
  • Unlike design build, the client inherits significant risk for contractual gaps, disputes and cost overruns

Option 2 – The Design Build Process

  • An alternative method of project procurement being used successfully around the world with superior results
  • In USA and Japan over 40% of construction projects now use this method
  • In NZ, the Ministry of Education uses design build exclusively for all new schools and increasingly for many other projects
  • Design Build produces a better project outcome with the owner’s risk substantially reduced
  • A single point of responsibility from concept to completion
  • One integrated outcome focused team – architect/client/contractor work together
  • Early price certainty
  • Reduced time frame

We can introduce you to many of our past clients who have tried both systems and now completely advocate design build!  Once you have made this fundamental decision, it is time to work though the specific design considerations for your project.