KingsGate School

This is a project Indesco is undertaking for the KingsWay Trust, with whom we have worked previously to build the KingsWay Primary and KingsWay Pre-Schools.

The Trust purchased a 8-hectare greenfield site for this school, which will cater for 450 Year 1-10 students and will have a Early Childhood Education Centre for 60 children.

In addition two sports fields and two hard court sports areas will be developed, with Stage 1 operation in Term 1 2020.

Indesco and our consultants have worked with stake holders to design modern learning environment model teaching spaces.

Consultation with local Iwi, council planners and Auckland Transport has also been undertaken, as there is a need to design the required infrastructure in the immediate area to support the school – including road and intersection widening, pedestrian access, street lighting, stormwater and waste water systems.